The Burden


When they first started growing right there beneath my spine, my body didn’t hurt that bad. I allowed them to live there on my back because they told me they had nowhere else to go. Plus, I was still able to guard the castle, protecting the Frost Queen. The more they replicated, however, the harder it was to do my job. But…if I evicted them from my body, I fear they wouldn’t survive on their own. I have now vowed to protect both the Queen and the blight, but I fear I may have made the wrong decision.

Edition Type

Limited to 10

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from $423.91

Date Sold: 1/8/21
Date Sold: 1/8/21

About the Artist

Alex Pardee is a pop-surrealist artist, freelance illustrator, toy designer and transmedia pioneer that creates brightly colored nightmares, or as he calls them, Brightmares.

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