Chief Roller: Blink

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“Chief Roller” is a piece that I created for my exhibition, “The Escape Artist”. I have always been fascinated with birds. They are like curious little jewels darting around the sky, defying gravity and ascribing a sense of wonder to those of us earthbound gravity followers. Every time I create a work of art, it comes from a world that takes the rules of our everyday existence and flips them upside down. I call this world “The Outside”. “Chief Roller” is a portrait of a larger than life bird that you would meet upon entering “The Outside”, where a bird as small as a sparrow in our world would be as large as a horse there, with eyes so big you get lost in them.

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Date Sold: 3/19/21
Date Sold: 3/19/21

About the Artist

Greg Simkins aka Craola, has gained the recognition of many and can be found in a variety of private collections.

His careful weaving of pop culture, the old masters, nature, carnival kitsch, and (most importantly) his warped imagination makes  Simkins a sought-after surrealist painter today. 

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