If Pleasure Is To Blame


Animated work from INFERNO, the 13th Solo Exhibition of artist James Jirat Patradoon, held at Superchief Gallery LA in November 2019.

The product of a year spent in living in Bangkok; immersed in the punk, club and drag scene, these ‘euphoric pop horror’ works drew imagery from his familiar demonic visual universe and combined them with a fascination with the performative bodies of bodybuilders, wrestlers, dancers, and strippers, conjuring a hallucinatory vision of camp terror.

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Date Sold: 2/26/21 for 2.5 ETH
Date Sold: 2/26/21 for 2.5 ETH

About the Artist

James Jirat Patradoon’s work is informed by a wealth of cultural references. From 80s aesthetics and 90s fashion, to comic books and tattoo design, he renders his ideas in flashes of neon and monochrome. 

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