A Day In The Life


This artwork was created for a limited edition screen print commemorating a date on the Childish Gambino 2018 Tour.
I remember when I first saw the ‘This Is America’ video. I was impressed by the guts it took to tell the undiluted truth.
I was particularly shook by a scene at the end, where CG is on the run from a crowd pouring out of the shadows. I audibly gasped, and spoke aloud to myself, ‘I feel like that a lot’.


India Ink + digital
2230 x 2230 px
10.7 mb

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1 of 1

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Date Sold: 3/20/21 for 1 ETH
Date Sold: 3/20/21 for 1 ETH

About the Artist

Jermaine Rogers is an artist and designer who first achieved wide notoriety in the field of modern ‘rock art’, also known as ‘gigposter’ art, as well as serigraph and fine art production. Rogers began his career in Houston, Texas as a member of the 1990s Texas poster-art and street art scene.

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