Proud to be the “Canary in the Gold Mine,” world renowned artist Ron English enters the digital art space with a 10-piece Essential Collection, highlighting pivotal points in his long and illustrious career as America’s premier iconoclast. The first NFT in this series references the most famous image in art, the Mona Lisa, paired with English’s signature image, the Grin, a twisted take on the ubiquitous Smiley Face, which reveals the soul when the smile stretches across bone. English created the NFT through stop animation of himself painting his custom Mona Lisa Grin art figure.

Working with Bigshot Toys, English revisits his early career Pop Provocateur persona with American Depress and Uncle Scam. American Depress highlights a certain rodent mascot crucified on a mousetrap cross, and the Uncle Scam series features a downcast and befuddled titan of capitalism on a torched throne.

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