Superchief Gallery is opening what it calls the “world’s first physical NFT gallery space” in New York City’s Union Square on Thursday. In addition to physically exhibiting the artworks on 4K displays from hardware maker Blackdove which buyers can purchase for displaying their acquisitions, the exhibition is novel because the organizers claim it’s “carbon negative.”

The exhibition, called “Season 1 Start Pack,” includes NFT work from more than 300 artists (including the one above from artist Falreng), and will be available to view from March 25 to May 25 at 56 East 11th Street in Manhattan. With NFTs being the crypto-related topic du jour, something like this was only a matter of time. What’s remains to be seen is whether Superchief will be able to attract the sort of lavish spending that saw a work full of questionable material from artist Beeple controversially rake in over $69 million at a recent auction at Christie’s.

Photo Credit: Ellen Sheidlin / Superchief Gallery
Source: Input Magazine (March 22, 2021)

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