Editor: Over the past couple months, artist Alex Pardee has released NFTs on multiple platforms and is one of the few to experiment with a physical component attached to a NFT. Now Alex has written an incredible article explaining the whole space from his point of view. It’s a great read:

I’ve been a professional (but unconventional) artist for over 20 years, dabbling in every kind of art I’ve ever been interested in, including freelance illustration, animation, art direction, film design, apparel design, toy design, fine art, and now, as of a few months ago, Crypto Art and NFTs.

There’s been a lot of excitement (rightfully so) and chatter recently about NFTs for a number of reasons, the main one being “Wait, someone SOLD a jpg for $300,000? How is that possible? Is it a scam? I’m so confused!”

Photo Credit: Alex Pardee
Source: Alex Pardee Blog (February 26, 2021)

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